At Tome, we are at the forefront of innovation in genome engineering. Each advance we make has the potential to make cures a reality. We recognize the responsibility this carries and act with purpose to drive our science forward.
All are empowered to think, lead, and own. Together we challenge convention. Patients are at the heart of what we do. Teamwork and cutting-edge science are how we get there.

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  • All voices are heard, perspectives understood, and ideas entertained.
  • Active ownership at all levels to maintain Tome’s open and transparent culture.
  • Leaders emerge and grow as we solve problems.
  • A collective understanding of the privilege and responsibility of bringing cures to patients.
  • Growth through our shared journey of challenges and successes.
  • Strive to be kind and foster an environment of acceptance.
  • Scientifically driving better ways to deliver life saving therapies to patients faster and more safely.
  • Building a bold and sustainable company that is retro-, intro-, and prospective in all functions.
  • Nimbly, fearlessly, and intentionally adjusting to internal and external forces.